Wool Just like Dad ‘OR’ the Shiny new Bamboo Option??

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Bamboo work socks V’s Wool Work Socks…. Which one is best??

In today’s consumer driven market we are faced wtih many different choices on any given day. What to wear to work, what meal to prepare, what entertainment to choose. So too it is, with work socks. In days gone by your father or grandfather would almost certainly have worn a wool work sock or possibly a cotton work sock. Chances are they would have stuck by the same style brand and style they had always worn – if it was a wool work sock it could have been the popular predomiantly wool “Explorer” work sock. This was perfectly fine and mny people still swear by the effectiveness and benefits of this sock. Nowdays however, there is a new contender in town taking the market by storm – the bamboo work sock. Which one should you wear, let’s look the key facts:

Wool Work Socks:

This natural fibre (which is normally blended with another fibre like polyester when work socks are made) is grown in Australia and like much of this nations early prosperity came off the sheeps back. It has been a touch, hard wearing sock fabric that breathes in Summer and is warm in winter. Merino wool in particular is soft, finer and very comfortable against the skin. Wool socks haven’t so much gone out of favour, instead they have been challenged by a new contender. While serviceable, natural and comfortable, wool socks themselves may need an overhaul to combat the bamboo threat. A huge plus to selected wool sock brands such as Humphrey Law, is that despite the decline of Australian manufacturing in recent decades there are still a few major and minor sock manufacturers making socks in Australia. So even though the reliable wool work sock has not changed much over the years, it is still, in many cases, the locally made option.

Bamboo Work Socks:

Bamboo work socks have really only appeared in strength in Australia in the last 10 – 15 years, and what an impact they have made. In many Australian retail outlets, bamboo work socks account for around  7 in 10 work sock sales. What has driven this popularity? Essentially, bamboo socks appear to be a little thinner but still wear well. They offer superior breathability and are made from sustainable natural bamboo. Their other key advantage is their antibacterial properties, which means many now wearing bamboo work socks have reduced the propblem of smelly feet. Bamboo work socks do have one achillies heal – their drying time. Because they are so good at locking away moisture and keeping your feet dry in your work boot, their superior wicking properties mean they take much longer to dry.

The Vedict:

So, do you choose tradition or trend, Aussie made or Imported? The choice is yours, and while the masses may currently be leaning towards bamboo work socks, don’t discount the traditional Aussie wool work sock. If you have made up your mind and want freshen up your sock draw today, then support our partner site and visit theworkwearspot.com.au for a great range of sock options at competitive prices. Click Here… 





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