Premium Quality Bamboo Socks


Are bamboo socks right for you?


– It’s antibacterial properties mean it can help reduce or even eliminate foot odour
– Bamboo’s natural anti bacterial properties mean it can be great for sensitive skin
– It is incredibly good at wicking away from the foot and holding excess moisture, so you foot stays dryer all day long
– It is a soft fibre which means bamboo socks feel great against your skin
– Bamboo socks are warm in winter and cool in summer making them the perfect all year round work boot companion


– Socks with a high bamboo content can be very good at absorbing moisture they typically take a long time to dry after being washed, particular in winter.  Its recommended to dry them inside out so the inside fibres are easy exposed to the air.
– Bamboo socks can be prone to slightly faster wearing than wool or cotton so bamboo socks tend to be blended with other fibres tend to last longer.

VERDICT … A fantastic work sock suitable for most people and most work and positive for the environment.

Now that you know the base facts, join the bamboo sock revolution today, help the environment and do your feet a favour (particularly those of you with smelly feet). Why not give a pair of bamboo socks a try…

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ProductFibreSizes AvailableColourPrice
Gumdale Extra Thick Premium Bamboo Work Socks92% Bamboo/ 8% ElastineMen's Regular - 6 - 10
Men's King - 11 -14
Navy$12.95 best bamboo socks comfort
Durasock Bamboo Thick Work Sock55% Bamboo/ 30% Merino Wool/ 15% NylonMen's Regular - 6 - 10
Men's King - 11 -14
Black or Navy$15.95 best price, pussyfoot wool sock
Bamboo Sock Value 2 pack85% Bamboo/ 12% Nylon/ 3% ElastineMen's Regular - 6 - 10
Men's King - 11 - 14
1 Black/1 Denim$24.95 best value bamboo socks 2 pack
Gumdale 5 Pack Extra Thick Premium Bamboo Work Socks92% Bamboo/ 8% ElastineMen's Regular - 6 - 10
Men's King - 11 -14
Navy$55.00 best price, pussyfoot wool sock

Why is Bamboo So Popular?

bamboo socks, bamboo work socks, best price bamboo socks australia, best work sock available,bamboo socks reviewAustralians certainly do love bamboo. In recent years bamboo fibre has permeated our beds, our underwear draw and our clothing cupboards, with most households having these bamboo products somewhere and many people declaring bamboo products the best thing they have tried in years. So too with socks, bamboo socks have become the sock of choice for many wearing work boots or work shoes, in fact there seems to be no end to the growth of bamboo socks Australia wide, in fact are bamboo socks the best work sock available? To help unlock the secret to bamboo’s success, let’s find out a little more about bamboo plant.

Bamboo grows easily in large parts of Asia, as easily as a weed. And once planted commercially in one location, it can be continually harvested again and again for years. It is naturally anti bacterial and antifungal and requires no chemicals or fertiliser treatments. Bamboo grows using about a third of the water it takes to produce a similar cotton crop. It can grow to maturity very quickly usually this occurs in about 2 – 3 years, making bamboo a very eco friendly plant indeed.

Once harvested, this incredibly sustainable fibre is pulped to produce a thin, soft, glossy long strand which can then be spun and woven into a range of products. Bamboo socks are usually combined with another fabric to some degree for best comfort results – such as cotton, wool, elastine or nylon – or a combination of all. Ten years ago bamboo was yet to gain widespread acceptance, in under a decade bamboo work socks have taken over as the number one work socks seller in many parts of Australia.

Bamboo socks can be bought as thick work boot socks, much thinner business socks and even sporty ankle socks, and are available in a huge variety of colours.

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