Thermal Socks – A Must Have

TWO Great Solutions to cold feet…

At workday socks we’ve looked at lots of thermal socks and have come up with two different socks options that offer wearers unique benefits when working or walking in cold environments. If you work in a cold room storage or freezer storage setting then the socks listed below should be on your next sock shopping list, especially if you feel the cold.

Option 1: The Humphrey Law Thermal sock is made using a high proportion of wool – about 70%, these socks are woven densely using long terry loops to try and lock in the warm air in cold environments. There is nothing worse than cold feet, so warm socks in a cold work environment are critical – these thermal socks are the work socks you need. We believe Humphrey Law’s thermal sock is the best example thermal sock made in Australia that we have come across. As well as being very warm these socks are also durable. Available for sale – click here.

Option 2: The other thermal sock we believe offers great benefits to wearers is the Sherpa Thermal sock. Made from brushed polypropylene, these thin socks liners are worn in contact with the skin providing excellent warmth in general conditions. But if the mercury drops, pop your normal work socks over the sock liner (or better still your thicker thermal socks) this provides double layer protection and comfort. Available for sale – click here.

Verdict… If you work in a very cold environment, then thermal socks are for you.  To maximise the effectiveness of these socks, why not try wearing the thermal sock liner and Humphrey Law Thermal Sock at the same time.

Thermal Sock Options

ProductFibreSizesColourPrice ea (AUD)CLICK THE IMAGE TO BUY
Humphrey Law Thermal Sock70% Wool, 30% NylonMen's Regular - 6 - 10
Men's King 10 -14
Black$15.95  XHF_009 Humphrey Law Thermal Sock Black coupon
Sherpa Thermal Sock LinerPolypropyleneXSmall, Small, Medium, Large, XLBlack$11.95  Sherpa-Thermal-Sock-Liner-Black-coupon

Thermal Socks – Things are heating up!

Have you checked the sock aisle in your local store lately? There is a growing multitude of sock options all geared towards suiting the needs of the wearer, from cheap and cheerful thin cotton socks to highly engineered socks that offer features galore. So it makes sense that the specialty sock market continues to widen and improve also. Gone are the days of one variety of bamboo socks or wool socks suiting all needs and occasions. There are many specialty socks now available with one of the most common being thermal socks (worn in freezer/cold room and cold working environments) made to date. There is a sock to suit most work environments and health needs. If your work environment or health status mean your feet will appreciate the right sock choice then this is the page for you, who knows you may even count one of the thermal socks listed above among the best work socks available.


We’d love to hear your feedback on how you found the thermal socks in your work environment, please send us your feedback. In the meantime, if you want a great deal on a Australian made thermal work socks featured then click here.



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