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Is sock selection really all that important….? We believe it is and thats why we’ve developed this site, we want to help guide you through the sometimes confusing world of sock selection. While the old addage is generally true – any socks are better than no socks, the right socks can have a huge impact on wearer comfort, replacement timeframe of socks and even assist your health. Todays sock solutions are becoming more and more advanced at marrying up fibre combinations that perform well toghether to improve sock comfort and life, but how do you sort through the options to find the best work socks available to you?  Relax!!! Put your feet up, you are in the right place, we can help you determine which work socks are fight for you.

Many of us spend 10 – 12 hours on our feet in the work day, often standing for long chucks of time, which means our feet let us know if they are experiencing distress . Others have feet that give off an unpleasant odour which can be embarrasing and humiliating. Still others works in specialist areas or have significant health concerns that mean foot comfort, care and protection are very important considerations indeed. How do your feet finish your workday? How long are your socks lasting? Are your feet comfortable during the day?

Today work socks are available in a huge range of fibre blends and thread mixes creating amazingly comfortable high performance workday socks. There are wool socks, bamboo socks and cotton socks. There are thermal socks, diabetic health socks and many other specialised work sock options. There are sock solutions to suit all budgets from cheap and cheerful to highly engineered premium socks. If you haven’t done so already, read our popular blog – 7 Steps to Finding the Right work socks for you – Click Here!

At want to help you select the right socks for your feet and work day, and introduce you to sock solutions you may not have seen before, sock solutions that may just present you with the best work socks available for your feet. Also, wherever possible, we want to promote great Australian made work socks, something that hass been done over the decades in Australia. We want to share with you socks that we have tested and promote with passion. So don’t delay, Click on the categories below to find out more:

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