About Us

We at workday socks, have a long association with the sale of quality work socks and over time have developed a passion (possibly an obsession) to see Australians find good quality sock solutions right for their feet needs. We understand that those who start the day with comfortable footwear and socks are happier, while those wearing uncomfortable or ill fitting socks and work shoes will soon feel their feet telling this something is wrong. This is where we can help, this site is designed to provide you with information on many of the sock varieties available and to help you choose the sock right for you.

As sun bronzed Aussies, in the past we have preferred Australian made wherever possible, though in most industries Australian made altenatives have disappeared. Although under pressure from offshore manuafacturers, there are still high quality work sock manufacturers operating in Australia producing socks that are both comfortable and durable. As such many of the sock styles featured on this site come from a manufacturer still producing socks in Australia and living up to high comfort and quality standards. If you like the look of socks featured on this site, you can click on the links provided and buy them from one of our retail partners who is offering great deals – to buy socks you can visit www.theworkwearspot.com.au 

As you buy and test out socks featured on this site, we’d love to hear your feedback. We want to hear from you – the good, the bad and the ugly. Help us help others by letting us know your thoughts. Which of the socks on this site have worked well for you and which haven’t.

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