7 Steps to Finding the Right Work socks for you:

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Are you looking for the perfect work socks for your workday? Do you find the options on sale confusing and mysterious? Are you wondering what the best work socks available for your feet are? If you can answer yes to any of these questions then this article is for you. So before you next buy work socks, work through our 7 steps to help narrow down what is important to you. Buy your next pair of socks with confidence. Our comprehensive list of things to consider when buying work socks is designed to give you confidence.

Decide what’s Important to you:

1. Fibre is your friend – Do you have a natural fibre your prefer over other fibres ie: cotton, wool or bamboo, Or are you happy with synthetic fibres not prone to shrinkage or fading? Are you alergic to certain fibres, and so need to avoid them at all costs. Do your research and look into what you’d like your ideal sock made from first- perhaps bamboo socks or wool socks or a combination of both. If you have no real clue, then skip to step 2

2. Work out the length and thickness of the sock
Do you need anklet or ankle socks, thick sock or thinner socks, extra long socks. Depending on your work you may decide to choose one sock type over another. As a general rule thinner socks are better for business shoe wearers, while thicker socks are better to give added comfort to those wearing boots. Longer socks are usually better for those wearing gumboots.

3. Important Extra Features to Consider – Are there any other considerations you need to factor into your sock purchase? For instance some diabetics will need a sock with a loose elastic top. You may also want to consider sock make-up – some socks have thicker high wear zones such as the toe and heel and may be perfect for people constantly getting holes in the front of their socks. Perhaps you struggle with foot odour, then bamboo socks natural antibacterial properties may offer the best solution for you.

4. Value Bundle or Premium choices? Decide on your budget – are you limited on funds and restricted to cheaper multi sock bundles or can you afford to pick the best options for your foot. Sometimes the cheaper option may be false economy as length of sock life is as important consideration. Other times you can have the best of both worlds such as the premium bamboo socks 3 pack value bundles.

5. Origin of manufacture – In today’s global economy it’s getting harder to support the smaller locally made option. However, if you are keen to buy work socks made locally – good Austrlaian made options still exist. There are still many Australian made wool socks in particular that are sold through a wide range of retailers. Buying local Australian made socks will narrow your sock selection and scope, but will include some fantactic options – check out socks featured on this site made by local company Humphrey Law socks.

6. Colour my world – Sometimes colour and pattern can be big decisions, after all they can say alot about your personality and who you are. Make sure you choose the right sock colour and pattern for you. Traditionally most wool blend socks have been navy and black but that is changing with many new colours availble now. The same can be said of bamboo socks which come in a large variety of colour options.

7. Test, Test, Test – If you are trying a new sock for the first time just buy one pair and give them ago. Whether it’s Australian made wool socks, a pair of colourful bamboo socks, or a functional thermal sock, remember to evaluate them first so you can to work out if they are right for you. Don’t fill the sock draw unless you are happy with them.

So before you buy work socks, we hope you stop, think about the things to consider when buying work socks and use this list to help guide you in arriving at the best work socks available for your feet. This is indded our goal at workdaysocks.com.au.

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