Thick Or Thin? Which thickness of work sock is best?

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Work Sock Thickness – The Choice Made Clear!

Socks come in all lengths, thicknesses and sizes. Indeed nowday’s they even come in a multitude of colours (but that’s another discussion). They are made to suit a variety of needs and applications and to provide maximum comfort. Gone are the days of simply constructed work socks that followed much the same design, today you can buy socks to fit just about any need. So let’s narrow down your sock search somewhat, to one simple question – when wearing workboots are you bet to wear thick socks or thin socks?

Sock varieties including bamboo, wool and cotton tend to be made in both thick and thin options and with the increased amount of sock manufacturers producing work socks today, there are more choices than ever. But what is the right sock thickness for you?

Generally, if you work in an office environment and wear dress leather shoes, you will feel more comfortable in thinner work socks. These work shoes are generally lighter and of a simpler construction, and don’t require thick heavy socks. Likewise if you wear a sports runner to work, a thin cool anklet sock will nomally feel best and match the light casual sports shoe. But if you, like much of the population, wear steel capped work boots then the choice is not so straight forward.

Here’s the Rub!

If you wear steel capped work boots, you may choose different thickness socks to suit the boots you are wearing. indeed your choice should always come down to the boot you are wearing. Essentially wearing socks adds another layer of protection and comfort to you feet when wearing boots. If your boots are new and a little on the tight side, then thin socks will be the obvious solution as they pad out the boot less and reduce the pressure on your foot from a tight fitting pair of boots.

Whereas, if you have steel capped work boots that are a little roomy, you need to consider wearing thicker socks to provide extra comfort and stock your foot from moving around in your boot too much. Indeed if your boots have stretched a great deal since you bought them or if your feet are still growing and you have deliberately bought bigger boots that you need, you should wear thicker socks or even two pairs of thin socks to help support your foot inside the boot.

Generally, when wearing steel capped work boots, a thicker pair of work works is advised, Traditionally, thick wool work socks have been the main sock worn with work boots. However in the last 10 years thick bamboo work socks have become popular and now for many people are the workboot sock of choice. Whichever sock you choose think of your situation. If you can wear thicker more supportive socks, then this seems to be the best sock for a work boot, especially if your boot is a loose fit. But if you like a snug fitting boot, or have ended up with a work boot a bit tighter than you realised in the store, then a thinner work sock is a simple decision.

Whatever your decision, we can direct you to a great sock solution for your feet. Whether it’s a tailored feet first wool sock from Humphrey Law which differing zones of thickness for different areas of your foot or a bamboo work sock available in a thin anklet work sock or thick boot work sock, there is a solution perfect for your feet. Check out a great range of work socks perfect for you, Click here to go to our premium partner







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